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Website usability tips

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Usability tipsThe following website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and information architecture, and usability tips are written for people new to the web and these industries. When selecting a web professional, you can use these tips as guidelines for making the best choice for your business.

  • Website Usability 101 For SEO Professionals
    Want to be better at search engine optimization? What all SEO professionals should know about website usability.

  • Understanding Search Usability - Part 1
    Both SEO professionals and website usability professionals misunderstand the term "search usability." Learn what it is and how to apply it.

  • Understanding Search Usability - Part 2
    Identifying the different types of search behaviors and how they are all related, and designing a website that accommodates a wide variety of search behaviors.

  • What Search Professionals Should Know About Website Usability – Part 1
    Although I laud SEO/SEM firms focusing on the user experience, If their conclusions and methodologies are often full of errors. Two-part article gets answers from well-known website usability experts, Peter Morville and Dr. Susan Weinschenk.

  • What Search Professionals Should Know About Website Usability – Part 2
    I asked usability professionals to answer the question, "What should SEO professionals know about usability?" Part 2 shows answers from well-known website usability experts, Dr. Jakob Nielsen and Kim Krause Berg.

  • Eyetracking & SEO: Fad, Fact, Or Fiction?
    Do SEO professionals use eyetracking usability studies as a link-juice fad? Can eyetracking tests yield useful information about web searchers?

  • SEO Myths About Website Usability
    Annotation here

  • More SEO Myths About Website Usability
    When you optimize your website for search engine visibility, who are you targeting? The statistically average web searcher? Someone who is new to web searching? Or a highly experienced web searcher?

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