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Search engine optimization and site usability training

Online and on-site training in SEO, Usability, IA, and UXD


No one knows your website as well as you do, we have often found that training your staff or a few select personnel in your company is more a cost-effective solution for many organizations. We train on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

Search engine optimization (SEO) training

  • Introduction to SEO: terms and definitions
  • Principle building blocks
    • Keyword research
    • Labeling best practices
    • Copywriting
    • Content marketing
  • Findability and SEO
    • Information architecture (IA) for findability
    • Website usability best practices for findability
  • Search-engine friendly website design
    • How to identify, manage, and minimize duplicate content
    • Website migrations and redesign
  • Link development and competitive analysis
    • Link prospecting
    • How to ask for and obtain links
    • Social media optimization (SMO)
  • SEO best practices
  • Search engine spam: what NOT to do
  • Specialty SEO
    • PDF optimization
    • Video search optimization
    • Image search optimization
    • SEO for other file types
    • Local search optimization
  • Web searcher behaviors - how to accommodate them
  • Web searcher experience
  • Exercises

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Website usability and user experience training

  • Introduction to website usability: terms and definitions
  • Website usability fundamentals
    • Effectiveness
    • Efficiency
    • Learnability
    • Memorability
    • Error prevention, handling, and recovery
    • User satisfaction
  • Personas and persona development
  • Task analysis and scenario development
  • Usability testing for search engine visibility
    • Formative usability testing
    • Summative usability testing
  • 7 facets of user experience design (UXD)
  • User-centered design (UCD)
  • How to measure usability
  • Website usability heuristics and best practices
  • Debunking common usability myths and misconceptions
  • Exercises

Search usability™ training

  • A combination of SEO and website usability training

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Information architecture and navigation design training

  • Introduction to IA and website navigation: terms and definitions
  • Understanding IA: what it is and is NOT
  • Why IA is important
  • 5 key components of IA
    • Organization(al) schemes
    • Labeling
    • Prioritization
    • Structure
    • Search
  • Examples of good/poor architecture
  • IA activities and deliverables
  • Information architecture and technical architecture
  • How to document and evaluate IA
  • Information architecture and navigation design
    • Purpose of navigation
    • Types of navigation
    • Essential navigation attributes
  • Examples of good/poor navigation
  • Exercises

We always tailor our training for each company, including tailored training for different departments (IT, Art Department, Web Development, and Content Providing).

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If you have any questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's training services for search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, or information architecture (IA), please call us at 847-426-4256.