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Search engine optimization and search usability services

Optimizing websites for people who use search engines


Search engine optimization (SEO) is designing, writing, programming, and coding (in XHTML) your entire website so that there is a good chance that the right pages will appear at the top of search engine queries for your selected keywords and keyword phrases.

SEO is not optimizing for search engines only. SEO is optimizing for people who use search engines. Proper site submission and monitoring is also important.

We currently have a 100% success rate at getting client sites listed at the top of search engine results since 1995. A variety of options are available for increasing your site's search engine visibility:

Search Usability™ Analysis

Very few people design websites with search engine visibility in mind, which is what makes us unique. The most cost-efficient time to contact us to help you optimize your design templates in the initial design or redesign phase. Even if we did not design your site, we can help you make (X)HTML and scripting modifications that can help your site index better in the search engines.

Search Usability™ is Omni Marketing Interactive's proprietary advertising and marketing service that includes: search engine optimization, link development and site analysis.

Items we include in a Search Usability™ Analysis include:

  • Keywords, labels, & copywriting

    • Cost-effective keyword phrases
    • Keyword prominence & proximity
    • Keywords as entities
    • Content aboutness
    • Appearance in search listings
    • Analysis & recommendations
  • Site architecture, navigation system, & technical issues

    • Labeling, placement, & formatting of visible/invisible page elements
    • Site navigation: global, local, supplemental, contextual
    • Page orphaning & other low-value pages
    • Broken links
    • Page layout
    • Technical parameters that inadvertently deliver undesirable content to search engines (duplicates, spam, silos, etc.)
    • Archiving content
    • New content
    • Error handling & recovery
    • Download time (server performance)
    • Redirects
    • Workarounds
    • Possible migration/redesign issues
  • Validation (link development + social signals)

    • Digital asset analysis & recommendations
    • Competitor analysis
    • Link development &/or social media opportunities
    • Link profile analysis & recommendations
    • Link disavowal, if needed
    • Spam penalty removal

Request quote for a Search Usability Analysis

Keyword research

All search engine marketing begins with keyword research. We will do the necessary keyword research to determine the best search engine and directory keyword phrases for your business. The most effective search engine marketing campaigns have a combination of:

  • Effective keyword selection
    • Competitive keyword phrases
    • Local qualifiers
    • For different document types (text, image, video files)
    • Branded keywords
    • Long-tail keywords
  • Keyword placement & formatting
  • How to create effective link development & social signals
  • Recommendations on your keyword strategy & tips on applying these keywords

Keyword research can be done for search engine optimization, link development, and social media campaigns.

Request quote for keyword research

Search-friendly copywriting & keyword placement

Rewriting your web pages for better search engine visibility is the next step. We can help you write more effective labels that communcate aboutness and information scent to both humans and technology (searchers and search engines):

  • Labeling system

    • Document labels
    • Navigation labels
    • Content labels
  • Content analysis & formatting
  • Clickability/tappability
  • Making your content easy to scan
  • Recommendations on your copywriting strategy
  • Tips on effective copywriting for findability & conversions

We will also evaluate and analyze the formatting of your web content (including your style sheets) to ensure search engines have easy access to your site's content.

We also provide training in this area.

request quote for copywriting and keyword placement

Link development & social media optimization (SMO)

Link development, or link earning, is a very important part of an online marketing plan. In fact, link popularity is essential for achieving long-term search engine visibility.

High quality link development is often a by-product of social media campaigns.

We provide a variety of services for making your site more "findable" in the niche web directories and social media sites:

  • Keyword & category research
  • Website design/content analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Link prospecting
  • Site submission & monitoring
  • Link development training
  • Social media monitoring
  • Pilot testing (proof of concept) before rollout
  • Digital asset analysis & recommendations
  • Submission calendars
  • Digital asset optimization & architecture

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Any comments or suggestions we make about increasing your site's search engine visibility are purely from a search engine perspective. We do not tell companies that a website is "good" or "bad." We are merely state what the search engines will be indexing.

So when we make a recommendation, we are basing it on site statistics, marketing data, & usability/UX research.


Graphic image - no spamDespite what other search engine marketing companies claim, no one can guarantee top search engine placement because there is a 3rd party who has all of the control: the search engines. What we can guarantee is that we will assist you with keyword selection, keyword placement, and optimal HTML coding to help make your site more search-engine friendly for the current search engine algorithms.

Omni Marketing Interactive has never spammed any search engine and does not utilize any online marketing method that the search engines would consider unethical.

For answers to frequent questions we receive about SEO, please see our Search Engine Optimization FAQs.

If you have any further questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's search engine optimization (SEO) and search usability services, please call us at 847-426-4256.