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How to Improve SEO & UX on Law Websites

On law websites, it's important to use the users' language...and to minimize legal jargon...for a better user experience.

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One of our colleagues asked,"If you were working with an attorney to improve a law firm’s search engine optimization, what would be your #1 tip to get results?"

Here is Omni's's applicable to ALL types of websites.

In This Article

I use a number of different metrics to measure SEO performance that I believe all SEO practitioners should use. 

First, the most appropriate web page (or other digital document) SHOULD appear highest in navigational queries for the brand, business, or organization. I will run a series of navigational queries to determine this. 

A navigational query is one in which searchers WANT to go to a specific website or to a specific web page in a website. I would make sure, first and foremost, that the majority of navigational queries deliver searchers to the right place. 

Second, I want to see that the largest volume of search-engine traffic is NOT going to the website's home page. Reason? A home page is not usually a final-destination page. A home page should guide users to other important places on a site.

If a website is optimized properly, home-page traffic will often decrease. Though this previous statement is not true 100% of the time, I still want to verify that searchers (users) are getting to their desired content as directly as possible.

Finally, I want to see how well the destination pages convert via direct and indirect search-engine traffic. Remember, a search session can last days, weeks, and even months. So when I look at this final metric, I try to see the big picture.

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