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User experience (UX) design tips for websites

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  • 5 Basic Rules of Web Design and Layout
    Following these 5 principal rules are imperative for a successful user experience.

  • The "Design" Part Of Search Engine Friendly Design
    The term "search-engine friendly design" has been twisted to have different meanings, mostly centered around URL structure. The "design" portion of search-engine friendly design is notoriously missing.

  • Clickability & Search Engine Friendly Web Design
    Clickability, or perceived visual affordance, is a key element of search-engine friendly website design. How do searchers and search engines perceive clickable and unclickable elements?

  • The Psychology of Color and Website Design
    Color selection is a very important element in your web image because colors have an effect on your visitors before they begin to read the content of your site.

  • How Does Color Usage Affect SEO & Conversions?
    Many search engine optimization professionals have different interpretations of the term search-engine friendly website design. Learn how color affects your SEO efforts and conversions.

  • The Ties Between Emotional Design & SEO
    Shari, are you crazy? Search engines don’t have emotions! What does emotional design have to do with SEO? A lot more than you might think.

  • User-Centered Design or Usage-Centered Design: Which is Better for SEO?
    When creating a search-engine friendly website, do you follow the principles of user-centered design, usage-centered design, or both?

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