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Search engine optimization and UX design conferences

Omni Marketing Interactive has been featured at search engine marketing and web design conferences worldwide. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Director, Shari Thurow, has been a top-ranked conference speaker for 20+ years.

Below are links to search engine conferences and other events we will be speaking at:

Search Marketing Expo Click to go to Search Marketing Expo web site

Search-Engine Friendly Web Design (Bootcamp)

Designers and SEOs sometimes clash over the best way to build a site for search engine success. The reality is that search engines are the starting point for most internet users, and if your site is difficult for Google, Bing or other engines to "read," it's not going to be found by human visitors. Striking the right balance is critical for usability, findability and search marketing results.

Attend this beginner-level session to learn how to create search engine-friendly sites that appeal to humans, too!

Includes guidelines & best practices in preparing for the Mobile First Index as well as for machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI).


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Science Gateways Community Institute

Making Your Gateway Easy to Find—An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you ever wonder why some websites are easy to find? Do you wonder why some content is easy to locate and discover? Do you want to make sure that your science gateway is findable and search-engine friendly?

This webinar will introduce "organic" search engine optimization for science gateways, including the 4 fundamental building blocks of search engine optimization. SEO pioneer Shari Thurow will present and discuss examples of common SEO problems and provide an overview of strategies and methods that SEO professionals use to address optimization issues.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to identify common SEO issues, learn various methods for identifying and fixing common SEO problems, and more.

Get the downloadable materials & view webinar >>


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World Information Architecture  Day 2017

Information Architecture & Navigation Systems for Mobile Devices (Workshop)

Learn how to create and maintain mobile-friendly architectures — regardless of how your content is accessed by both human users & technology.

One main challenge of mobile information architecture is the migration of a broad-and-shallow architecture to a narrow-and-deep architecture. Narrow-and-deep architectures make content more difficult to locate, discover, and interpret.

Learn tools and techniques to ensure that mobile-friendly content, navigation, technical architecture, and metadata are effective for ongoing findability in a mobile-first environment.

  • How to successfully modify mobile navigation for narrow-and-deep architectures
  • How to construct a clear, consistent labeling system
  • Communicate context & aboutness to both human users & technology
  • Learn tools to help diagnose technical & accessibility issues

Includes downloadable checklists.

Conference location:

If you would like us to speak at your conference, webinar, or other event on the topics of search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture (IA), user experience design, or any other website usability 847-426-4256.

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